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It'll Be A Sad Day For America . . .

In December, Craig is stepping down from TLLS. He did warn people and he has constantly said that he doesn't want Dave's job, so don't blame CBS. It is what he wants to do.


New Orleans and Craig Ferguson!!!

I'll post more about it later, but I am back after going to New Orleans on Tuesday, staying there for Wednesday, and coming back on Thursday. Briana and I went to go see a taping of Craig Ferguson. I had opted for the earlier taping just for obvious reasons of it being earlier. I got priority tickets, so that meant we were definitely getting into the taping!

I had no idea that it was going to be for the Super Bowl Spectacular. I had an awesome time at the taping even though I wore clothes that didn't keep me warm. I mistakenly thought the clothes I wore would keep me warm. I was cold the entire time, but I really enjoyed the taping!

It airs on Sunday night at 11:35pm ET.

Mal's you tube channel hacked

If anyone here catches up on TLLS via Malinky's youtube channel, please be aware that the normal "TVsCraigFerguson" channel has been hacked/hijacked. Mal is currently doing business at TVsCraigFerguson2 (http://www.youtube.com/user/TVsCraigFerguson2). The hacker has been swiping Mal's recent vids and uploading as normal, giving the illusion that it's still under Mal's control, but as of today it is still in hacked status.

Please be sure to subscribe to the new channel, and unsubscribe from the old. You can get updates on the saga from Mal on the new channel, or on the tweety @Malinky2Staotir.

I has dilemma... :(

Hey y'all. I haven't been on LJ in a long time but felt the need to come back and ask fellow RSA members a question, for I have a dilemma... :(

it seems so out of place for him :(Collapse )Anyone know what's going on? I haven't seen the past two episodes (the satellite is giving us trouble), but any input would be gratefully appreciated.

Winnie the . . . ???

Just a minor video this time. We know that Craig Voices Owl, but in what movie, exactly?

Pictures "Winnie the Pooh" premiere on July 10th.

Images courtesy of WireImage.

Click for 58 more pics!Collapse )


Craig in France

Kind of a preview or snippets from the show in France.

CE SOIR AVE ARTHUR - SAISON 2 - "CRAIG... by ce-soir-avec-arthur

Craig is Conan?

Could it be that Craig Ferguson is Conan O'Brien? There's a channel introduction, then Craig starts. Watch the captions carefully!

Quote of the Week

I still have dreams of getting into show business one day. One day, they're going to make a biopic of Liza Milnelli and I'm gonna be there. 'The Wilderness Years.'
May 2011

Who else has some Liza Minelli quotes?

Quote of the Week

They're from all over the world, these tweets and emails, aren't they? It's like an international Fun Bucket.

Quote of the Week: Bedazzling

Give me your Bedazzling-related quotes!

I do need this job. You know why? Because I spent all my money on sequins! There are areas that I like to bedazzle you don't even wanna know? "Craig, what are you bedazzling? Are you talking about--" What do they call it when the ladies do their business? Vagazzling? Is that right? Lesbian Row is like, "Yeah!" Well, I don't do that. I do pedazzling.
April 2011

Show Post!

Tonight's Guests:

Seth Green
Lance Burton

Seth Green is Partly Responsible For The Phrase "Cha-Ching" Becoming Popular. Seriously.

Enjoy the show!!


Yes, it's a great day for America! Welcome to the LiveJournal community for Craig Ferguson/The Late Late Show. So, pull up a chair, have some free candy and enjoy your stay.

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